Monday, July 23, 2012

Follow-up: The Audi A8 is understated, not boring

Audi A8
I inadvertently sparked heated debate in a few Audi forums when I included the A8 on my list of 10 boring cars, so I wanted to clarify my position. Click through for my take:

First off, I like the Audi A8 a lot, but I think it is stylistically less engaging than some of its competitors...and I mean that in a very good way. Anyone, including myself, will agree that the A8 is an technological and engineering masterpiece, probably drives spectacularly (although I haven't driven it), and has Audi's consistently beautiful interior. But overall - and some readers may disagree - its understated styling does not get my heart pumping, and I don't think it's intended to. I admire the Audi A8 for its subdued elegance and conservatism. Buying an A8 is a low risk, sure thing.

Audi A6
Believe it or not, the car above is an A6, even though it looks almost identical to the A8 at first glance. Both cars are attractive, but an A8 driver has to be cognizant that the car he/she is driving could easily be mistaken for a car that costs $30k less. Obviously, Audi fanatics and car enthusiasts would be able to tell the two cars apart, but the general public? Less likely. An exercise of restraint, the A8 blends into the sea of other luxury cars on the highway, keeping passengers relatively incognito.

Mercedes S-Class
In my opinion, the S-Class has curves, bends, and creases that are more expressive than those on the A8. Some people don't like the S-Class's design elements (matter of preference), but I do. The S-Class is more muscular and wedge-shaped than the A8, and is clearly differentiated from the more angular E-Class (below).
Mercedes E-Class

BMW 7-Series
I'm not a huge fan of the 7-Series' styling (although it is better than the previous generation), but the sedan is undeniably polarizing - something that cannot be said of the Audi A8. Some people "love" the 7-Series, other people "despise" it, but everyone "likes" the A8.

Jaguar XJ
The Jaguar XJ: here's a car that would NEVER be included in a list of boring cars. It is anything but. While roughly the same size and price of an A8, the XJ is full of personality and expression, whereas the A8 is much more subdued.

Audi A7
Even though it's not technically a competitor to the A8, I just wanted to mention: having actually driven the A7, I can attest that it is NOT boring :)

Just because I included the A8 on a list of "boring" cars doesn't mean it's bad. Obviously, when I included the A8 in the same list as a Corolla and Forte, they are not meant to be compared...they are clearly apples and oranges. The only point I was trying to make is - from someone who hasn't actually driven the cars - that of the super luxury sedans out there, the Audi A8 has the most subdued, restrained personality.

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