Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Favorite Car Lists #2: SUVs

Time for the second installment of my favorite car lists - this time, sport utility vehicles. Keep in mind that the vehicles listed are assumed to be well-equipped (not base) models. Click through to see the lists - do you agree?

If I had $30,000 to spend on an SUV, I would buy:
1. Volkswagen Tiguan
2. Kia Sportage
3. Hyundai Tuscon
4. Mini Countryman
5. Ford Escape

If I had $50,000 to spend on an SUV, I would buy:
1. Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
2. Volvo XC60
3. Audi Q5
4. Cadillac SRX
5. Acura RDX

If money wasn't an object, I would buy the following SUVs:
1. Land Rover Range Rover Sport
2. Mercedes ML63AMG
3. Audi Q7
4. Porsche Cayenne Turbo S
5. BMW X6M

I have to give special mention to the new Ford Explorer, Dodge Durango, and Jeep Grand Cherokee. While I personally would not buy these SUVs because they are too big, heavy, and traditional for my needs, they are now competitive due to recent redesigns.


  1. I think if I had $30K to spend on a car, I wouldn't get an SUV. If I had to get one, because I had a large family or a business, I would not get a Volkswagen Tiguan. I think they are ugly. I would rather have a Ford Escape, or less well equipped anything else.
    If money was no object, I would get the Audi Q7. Land Rover is all business and no fun. Mercedes, Porsche and BMW are boxy sports cars.
    I really like the new Durango. It has a clean, sporty look while providing lots of room.

  2. @ Warren: I wouldn't get an SUV either. The Tiguan is a little stubby, but I don't think it's ugly. It at least has a little more style than the other options in its class. I do like the Ford Escape but it feels very "last-gen" and needs a Ford-worthy refresh.

    I think Land Rover is doing a better job to bring fun to its cars with the RR Sport and Evoque. I would agree that the Discovery (n/k/a LR-something or other) and the original Range Rover are a bit stuffy.

    Agree on the Durango...huge improvement over the outgoing model, and brings it back to its 1998 roots.