Thursday, September 15, 2011

Look what I saw...a Ferrari 458 Italia

I probably shouldn't snap pictures while driving, but I was practically parked given the heavy traffic, and this Ferrari 458 Italia was begging to be photographed! Is there anything worse than driving a Ferrari in stop-and-go traffic? Well, maybe driving a Camry...but you get the point. The 458 has been oft described as the most beautiful, technologically advanced Ferrari ever. I like it a lot, but based on looks alone, I would probably get a Lambo Aventador, Lexus LFA, Mercedes SLS AMG, or McLaren MP-4 before I get a 458 (not that I can afford any of them...yet!). I tend to prefer the more calculated, rigid looks of older Ferraris like the 512TR, 348, and 355 as opposed to the more recently flowing designs, but that is just a matter of taste. The 458's engine does sounds thoroughly amazing and lets everyone know you are coming from miles away.

Can anyone guess what kind of car I am driving? I will only give 2 hints: it is a Zipcar, and it is the polar opposite of a Ferrari 458. Leave a comment with your guess...


  1. I think you were driving a Volvo.
    I like the Ferrari until I see the tail lights. They look like they were stolen from a 50s era Ford Fairlane.

  2. @ Warren: Agreed, the tail lights are too retro for my tastes.